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We are right here!

We are located on Sabana Blanco z/n, right behind Flora Market and Price Smart.
Our main phone line: +297 522 6200, or fax: +297 522 6201

Garage Centraal Building Front

A little about us

Garage Centraal Aruba started at Belgiestraat back in 1995. The management at that early stage already crafted a car dealer business able to comply with the demanding requirements of a premium brand.

With this experience in hand, Garage Centraal made the decision to expand to the general population with mainstream brands, and also decided to update their installations by moving to a new location at Sabana Blanco. There, Garage Centraal established itself in a new building, although the actual dealer initially occupied only a small portion of the total building space, so the construction of the location could be completed without interfering in the operation.

Finally, by 2000, Garage Centraal completed its installations to a staggering 14.500 square meters on three levels, effectively boasting the biggest showroom space on the island of Aruba. Our showroom can exhibit up to 80 vehicles, store 350 vehicles indoor and an addtional 125 outside.

It also upgraded its offering when it added Hyundai and the Isuzu brands to its staple, Himoinsa generators, and recently included Volkswagen to its staple of brands. Today we proudly boast the ability to offer four world-class brands to Aruban customers.

Garage Centraal has kept its evolutionary pace. Just in 2011 our state of the art service facility was further expanded, providing Garage Centraal with more than 14 service positions, all with their car elevators and diagnostics systems. We have available 3 service points equipped with trenched access for below the vehicles, and an impressive three level indoor warehouse to store the new vehicles indoor. Unlike many other car dealers which will leave the car outdoors, our stock is treated with the utmost care.

The same goes for parts, stored in a three level area at the heart of our building.

Garage Centraal will continue its constant evolution, always striving to provide Aruba with the best possible service to their cars and its customers. All this will be done guided by the needs and expectations of our customers. It's all of you that have put us on the leading position we now enjoy on the island of Aruba. Is to you that we owe our success. And is with you that we will keep moving forward. 

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Our environment, our commitment

At Garage Centraal Aruba we are committed to the protection of our environment in all aspects, from the way we handle our vehicles to the structure of our facilities and our business processes. To start, All hazardous materials, such as drained oil, are managed based on the most stringent policies of management to ensure no pollution to our surroundings.

Garage Centraal's facilities, whenever possible, are lit using natural sunlight, coming in via either open areas or skylights. In 2013 all of the neon lights on our facility were substituted with LED lighting, for a decisive reduction in energy consumption. And we recently deployed solar-powered lights on the parking area facing the main road.

Our showroom is flanked by windows, which help to minimize the need for lighting on that area, but also creates the issue of heat radiation and its impact on the temperature inside our location. Garage Centraal solved this by changing all the window panels on our showroom with glazed double windows with gas between them. These windows allow light to come in, but provides relief from heat radiation coming from the area and reduces the need for air conditioning. We are also use inverter-type air conditioning with intelligent management system to further optimize power use.

We recently implemented a new back office system. This not only provides a better administration of the overall operations for Garage Centraal Aruba, but in fact allows for less use of paper as part of our daily operations, and eventually will allow Garage Centraal Aruba to become as much a paperless environment as possible.

Garage Centraal Aruba is continuously searching for new ways to preserve our environment, from new business practices to support in initiatives such as coastal cleanups such as "Reef Care Project", is our goal to protect and preserve our island and its ecosystem for future generations.

Our Management Team

Mich Biegstraaten
Mich BiegstraatenManaging Director
Rene Knijn
Rene KnijnManaging Director
Marlon Blom
Marlon BlomManaging Director
Tony Hartman Kok
Tony Hartman KokDirector of Sales
Carlos Orman
Carlos OrmanDirector of Technical Operations
Jan Willem Rutgers
Jan Willem RutgersAfter Sales Manager
Burt Tromp
Burt TrompParts Manager
Elvis Geerman
Elvis GeermanBody Shop Manager
Angelino Daal
Angelino DaalAdministration Manager
Rodney Kock
Rodney KockMarketing Manager
Sharine Thielman
Sharine ThielmanHuman Resources Manager
Janine Wouters-Rigaud
Janine Wouters-RigaudExecutive Management Assistant
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Do you know about Leasing?

If you are looking for financing and managing of your fleet vehicles, Garage Centraal Aruba offers you a great choice in the form of Centraal Lease.

We support NCAD!

Garage Centraal Aruba proudly supports the Dutch Centre for Automotive History Documentation (NCAD). If you wan tto know more just click on their logo below for the NCAD website!
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About Garage Centraal

The goal of Garage Centraal Aruba is simple: that everyone that needs a vehicle is able to have a vehicle that satisfies their needs and expectations, with expert service and parts support. We offer award winning quality vehicles from Hyundai, Isuzu and Volkswagen, along with an extensive catalog of pre-owned vehicles.

We are open from 8:00am till 5:30pm on weekdays and saturday from 8:00 to 12:00pm. Come visit us or call us at 522-6200