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What are the definitions for vehicle types?

There are many type of vehicles available on the market in terms of vehicle styling and configuration. The confusion on some of the terms used nowadays by manufacturers and marketers is actually understandable. As such there are a couple of these car definitions, with a basic explanation of their main attributes:

-Hatchback: This is the definition given to compact vehicles, that have no separate luggage compartment. These are usually distinguishable by the luggage opening, on which both door and rear window raise as a unit. Therefore, they are also referred by the number ofaccess doors to the cabin area, which in the case of the hatchback can be either3 or 5 doors (obviously including the back access)

-Sedan: This kind of vehicle have a separate compartment for luggage and cargo. They have four access doors to the cabin, two for front passengers and two for back passengers.

-Coupe: Also with separate luggage compartment, but this time this car only have two passenger doors, with foldable front seats to facilitate passenger access to the back seats..

-Station Wagon: This is another definition for a hatchback vehicle. Like the hatchback, it have no separate luggage compartment. However, the length of this vehicle is clearly not compact in nature. In fact, it matches or surpasses the average length of a sedan vehicle. They also come with four passenger doors.

-SUV: This type of vehicle have a higher ground clearance nad heavier suspension, designed to resist rough usage. Fully roofed, they most usually have four passenger doors plus back cargo access door.

-Crossover: This type of vehicle have a suspension more in tune with SUV capabilities, yet in terms of the shape of the car they resemble more a regular sedan of station wagon.

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