Getting a new vehicle


The process of buying a car at Garage Centraal is pretty straightforward. The documentation usually requested for a vehicle application as well as a vehicle loan are a valid ID such as a passport, as well as drivers license, employers letter, updated utilities bill or a census letter, and the last 2 salary slips for workers being paid on a monthly basis, or 4 last payslips for employees being paid every 15 days. Is important that documentation are color copies of the original documentation.

For companies, the paperwork would include ID of the company's Director, the last 2 Annual Statements, and a copy of the KvK registration.

There are several ways on which we can help you get to your new car:

- We work with all financial institutions to help you get the loan that will allow you to access the vehicle of your choice. This usually entails pre-clearance or clearance procedure done by the bank, and on normal situations entails a downpayment of 15% of the value of the car, and the balance spread on 24, 36, 48 or 60 months. All banks, however, have special plans for car purchases that allow for coverage of the full value of the car. You can consult with your preferred institution for more details, or we can also provide you some guidance on that regard.

- In the specific case of commercial instances, we offer the services of our internal Leasing unit, that will provide financing for your vehicle under the "lease" figure, on which the main benefit for commercial entities is that all maintenance costs and potential mechanical issues are included on the monthly installment, therefore the risk for unwanted or unexpected spending is effectively eliminated.

- Also in the case of pre-owned vehicles Garage Centraal Aruba offer internal financing facilities for those customers.

- We also do trade-ins! Garage Centraal can also assist you in getting your new car, which is done whenever you bring your car to trade it for a new vehicle. Garage Centraal Aruba will proceed to do an appraisal of your current vehicle, which value can then be used towards the purchase of a new one. The procedure to secure the new vehicle is the same in terms of paperwork as for as new vehicle.

Custom vehicles:

We do offer the possibility to order a vehicle with a special combination of features not available on the stock currently offered to customers. At the point that such scenario arises, the customer can visit our dealer and request the configuration required. Garage Centraal Aruba might have to confirm with the manufacturer that such configuration is available, which can be denied if it involves features that cannot be offered on our market based on engineering restrictions (such as engines that would not operate properly on the fuel locally available). Once the configuration is properly vetted, the customer will be required to confirm payment or deposit of downpayment, at which point order will proceed. On a normal basis vehicles arrive between 2 and 4 months after order has been requested to the factory.

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