What information I need to provide if I want an auto part?

Car parts are tailored per vehicle, per year. Evan among the same brand, parts will vary depending on the specific motorplant.

If you have a vehicle you purchased at Garage Centraal, you only need the number plate, since we have the complete information of your vehicle on our system, and we can provide the precise part you require.

Whenever you might need a vehicle part and you did now purchase the car from us, the best choice is to have your vehicle model, year and, most importantly, the vehicle's VIN number. The VIN number is usually located either under the car hood (mostly on the firewall, which is the panel that separate the motor compartment from the cockpit), or on the side of the driver's side door (in the case of Mercedes Benz, this is the passenger's side door).

This number (also called the chassis number) informs Garage Centraal Aruba of the specifications in terms of the engine and engineering specifications of your vehicle. This in turn ensures that the part you will receive is the one your vehicle needs.

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