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Can a vehicle warranty be voided?

The most important fact considered for upholding the warranty of any of the cars sold by Garage Centraal is obviously that the cars need to be serviced using ONLY original parts. Original parts have been tested and certified to comply and surpass the specifications for the proper functioning of the vehicle by their manufacturers, therefore are the only ones that will be accepted inside a vehicle under warranty.

Another way to lose the warranty is whenever the service is performed improperly. Even if using original manufacturer parts, improper maintenance procedure, such as improper adjustment of the part in place, or not finishing properly the parts in place, will also void the warranty. For this particular reason Garage Centraal will only back up work done by our own specialists, since all our personnel have been trained and properly prepared on all the technical issues required to properly execute any repair job on cars sold by our company.

Another circumstance that might void the warranty is that, whenever there is a collision accident or any other kind of impact-related accident, any repair that is not properly executed will void the warranty on the affected impact area. This is because poorly executed repairs might affect performance or parts adjacent to the impact area on the short, mid or long term. Therefore any repair must be either performed by our service department or controlled by one of our specialists in order to uphold the warranty.

The last element that might void a warranty is damage due to natural disasters or damage due to animals. An example would be a rat damaging electric wiring, or car damage stemming from water damage due to submerging the car in a deep pool of water.

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