What is the difference between a small and a big service?

A small service usually involves only change of the oil filter, as well as change of oil and overall checkup of all fluid levels. As such, is a quicker service than the general service.

A general service or big service, besides making the change in oil and fluids that is part of the basic service, involves also the change of all filters and a complete checkup of all major part systems, including disc brakes, suspension systems and overall mechanic status. As such, it is able to spot potential future issues and solve them before they can affect the performance of the car.

For purposes of optimal vehicle maintenance, Garage Centraal Aruba alternates a small service with a big service. Hyundai vehicles are recommended to undergo service every 7,500 kilometers or every 6 months. Isuzu and Volkswagen units are recommended every 5,000 kilometers or 6 months.

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