Why are injectors not covered in the warranty?

Aruba in particular is supplied with gasoline of poor quality that depending on the engine configuration tends to clog the injectors. Automakers have prepared their injector systems based o a specific tolerance in terms of residues on fuel. Aruba's fuel, however, have a level of residues that are higher than those on an average situation. This is not responsability of the car dealer, nor the car manufacturer, but is directly a quality issue related to the gasoline available on our island. Therefore, car companies cannot be held responsible for the consequences of the poor fuel quality on the cars sold in Aruba.

In fact, automakers do monitor fuel quality on all markets. Based on such analysis, there are certain powerplants available from Hyundai that Garage Centraal Aruba is not allowed to import on our market because of the fuel issues, in order to guarantee the best possible performance and durability on all its vehicles.

Garage Centraal Aruba will provide complimentary injector cleaning service for vehicles under 10.000 km. After this point, the customer will have to carry the cost of injector cleaning for their car.

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