Why service a car regularly?

The importance of properly servicing your vehicle at the requested time or mileage stems from several facts:

- The oil in your vehicle with time tends to lose viscosity, therefore reducing its lubricating capability.
- The oil will also tend to sludge, which means that unchanged oil will contain particles that might shorten the life of your engine
- Air and fuel filters have a specific lifespan. Beyond such life span, air filters get clogged, which will reduce drastically your fuel efficiency.
- Poor lubrication might produce higher temperature in your engine, which can have severe consequences for your engine, including total breakdown.
- Worn out spark plugs also tend to break down, or become sludge, producing a "shaking" engine performance.
- Break fluid needs to be maintained to proper levels. Otherwise braking the car's braking capacity might be compromised.
- Not servicing the car at proper time, using original parts, will void the warranty on your vehicle.

Please consult with the service department for the proper date for your car's service. There is always a card, located on the side of the passenger door, with the recommended date and kilometer count that can be used as a reference for the proper time for your next service.

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