Why restrict service to models sold by Garage Centraal Aruba?

The proper maintenance of a new vehicle is essential for a vehicle to maintain proper operation trough its lifespan.

Any new vehicle brings its own set of specifications, in the form of parts, computer codes, overall systems, etc. which do vary from region to region. Because or either local regulations, market demands, or customer preferences, vehicles sold in China will be different from those sold in Europe, which will be different from those sold in the United States, and those will be different from the vehicles available from the manufacturers to be sold in Aruba. This is also valid for models that might be specific to either of these markets not being available in other locations.

Each and every new Hyundai, Isuzu or Volkswagen vehicle sold by Garage Centraal Aruba will be supported both on parts and on service. As a matter of fact, before any new vehicle arrives into our showroom, several elements need to be put in place. These include:

  • Training or update of our technicians on the vehicle, so they are ready to provide proper support to the vehicles whenever any type of service is required.
  • Update of our diagnostic systems, to include all relevant data related to the upcoming vehicles
  • Update of our parts system, in order to be able to order the parts specific to the vehicle model with the specifications for the local market.
  • Prepare our parts stock with the service parts that will be required for service, as well as a base stock of frequently used components so they are available as the need arises.

Our Service Department has been trained to service all those models made available by Hyundai, Isuzu and Volkswagen for our market, and or Parts Department has been equipped to provide parts to those units.

The service of vehicles from any of our brands originally destined to other markets brings the potential liability of having parts or components not specific for our market. This risks the ability to provide a serve that meeds the demanding standards from both the manufacturers that allow Garage Centraal to offer their vehicles, and is even regarded by the manufacturers as a potential violation of the dealership agreement. Furthermore, it also risks the level of quality and reliability in service Garage Centraal Aruba is able and expect of itself to provide our customers.

For Garage Centraal Aruba our primary concern is to offer the best possible experience for our customers not just as a new vehicle sale takes place, but through the lifespan of the vehicle use by the customer. And we remain committed to keep any new vehicle sold at our dealer working at their highest level of performance for as long as our customers choose to use them.

Ready to help you: the Centraal Sales Team!


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