What is engine sludge?

Engine sludge happens when oil loses its liquid viscosity and becomes a thick residue inside the engine block.

Sludge is caused by poor quality engine oil, as well as lack of proper vehicle service. When it happens, it blocks the oil flow lines, diminishing proper oil circulation across the engine block. On the long run, and unless the problem is corrected, the blockage on the oil lines might become total, even if the oil pump works properly. This in turn will cause severe damage to the camshaft, bearings, crankshaft and the cylinder head.

Fixing engine sludge involves removing the oil pan end the engine cover, then proceeding to clean up the residue from the engine. If the damage has become severe enough, camshaft, crankshaft, rods, bearings and surrounding components will need to be disassembled for inspection and/or replacement. Of course the engine block will need to be completely flushed and all oil lines treated with special chemicals in order to reopening them. All of this is an expensive proposal, as well as time consuming.

The simplest way toi avoid engine sludge is simply to have the car properly service at the recommended intervals, using quality engine oil. Garage Centraal Aruba uses Valvoline branded premium oil, ensuring the engine's life and performance.

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