What kind of support will I get at Garage Centraal Aruba?

Garage Centraal Aruba understands that a car is an investment that must perform reliably day in day out for an extended period of time. However, not all car dealers can boast to have the facilities to effectively serve the market, meaning the cars they sell as well as all the vehicles they have sold over time.

Garage Centraal Aruba, however, is well prepared to handle the needs of the Aruban market. Thanks to a complete renovation performed during the year 2000, Garage Centraal boast the most extensive service facility by square footage. 

This includes a service area with 30 positions, equipped with all the gear needed to service your vehicle. Garage Centraal Aruba have 11 car lifts plus an additional lift for heavy equipment, 3 full extension service tunnels for heavy equipment, also able to handle up to 6 cars simultaneously. In order to deliver the cars properly washed, there are 5 car wash positions. We also have an area specifically for pre-owned vehicle checkup, and we have our own body shop for car detailing.

As for parts, Garage Centraal boast a 3-story warehouse, stocked with everything your vehicle might need to stay on the road or get back on the road quickly.

A car is an important, long term investment. Don't worry, we understand it. And we are prepared to keep you on the road for as long as you want.

Ready to help you: the Centraal Sales Team!


Tony Hartman Kok

Sales Manager
E: tony@garagecentraal.com
T: 730-3000


Johnny Milan

Senior Sales Associate
E: jmilan@garagecentraal.com
T: 593-3778


Demis Thielman

Sales Associate
E: dthielman@garagecentraal.com
T: 739-1974


Lizzette Koolman

Sales Associate
E: lkoolman@garagecentraal.com
T: 594-4900


Alex Dijkhoff

Sales Associate
E: adijkhoff@garagecentraal.com
T: 592-6075


Adolfo Gonzalez

Sales Associate
E: agonzalez@garagecentraal.com
T: 563-5074

Jorge Velazquez

Sales Associate
E: jvelazquez@garagecentraal.com
T: 594-2994

Jim Biegstraaten

Sales Associate
E: jim@garagecentraal.com
T: 733-0134