Why no vehicle prices now on the Garage Centraal website?

With the recent worldwide developments, the pricing of vehicles varies greatly even within the same model year. Also, the issues related to shipping and the impact on pricing for vehicles introduces variations that have forced us to cease, for the time being, offering price guidance on our website.

As the circumstances stabilize, we look forward to be able to bring back our online pricelists, as well as pricing info on our model pages. We will continue to offer pricing info on our showroom and on our social media channels whenever appropriate. If you do require pricing info on any of our vehicles, please do not hesitate to visit our showroom, or contact our Sales Team directly. For available contact options you can use the Call, Mail or WhatsApp page on our website.

Ready to help you: the Centraal Sales Team!


Tony Hartman Kok

Sales Manager
E: tony@garagecentraal.com
T: 730-3000


Johnny Milan

Senior Sales Associate
E: jmilan@garagecentraal.com
T: 593-3778


Demis Thielman

Sales Associate
E: dthielman@garagecentraal.com
T: 739-1974


Lizzette Koolman

Sales Associate
E: lkoolman@garagecentraal.com
T: 594-4900


Alex Dijkhoff

Sales Associate
E: adijkhoff@garagecentraal.com
T: 592-6075


Adolfo Gonzalez

Sales Associate
E: agonzalez@garagecentraal.com
T: 563-5074

Jorge Velazquez

Sales Associate
E: jvelazquez@garagecentraal.com
T: 594-2994

Jim Biegstraaten

Sales Associate
E: jim@garagecentraal.com
T: 733-0134