Hyundai Creta


Hyundai Creta


Hyundai Creta


Spotlight in motion

Designed for you, always keen to see the best side and face all challenges, prepared to face and adapt quickly to life's chenges. With Creta, turn your light and point it to the road ahed.

Hyundai Creta

Make the connection

The intuitive interior layout makes it easy to oversee your car. The advanced media system will connect you with the world around you. Creta is ready to get there safely and comfortably.
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Style that shows the way

The advanced parametric design is not just modern. Is a statement you deserve to make.

Go wherever with ease

The driver seat is your throne, and gives you full intuitive control of your car.

Comfort and flexibility

Excellent interior space to move whoever you want, or whatever you might need

Price just right

The Hyundai quality, styling and performace, at a really good price.

See the spotlight


Modern identity

Hyundai Creta modern lines are the perfect representation of you.

Light it up


Parametric designed grill and light setup.

Thje sky is the limit

Every line says something

The styling's sharp cues are seen all across every part of the Creta.

Sharp lights

The back impresses

On the rear portion of Creta, the stylish lights lets everyone see you own the road

Within the spotlight


An interior you can enjoy

Ample space, comfortable seating for everyone: The driving is as pleasurable and smooth as you want.

Comfortable chic

You see..

The fully digital console is easy to read at all times.

Tech forward


With advanced features such as the touch screen media center, Creta provides the advanced features you want and deserve.

Ready for anything

Details matter

The interior space is full of details that provide unparalelled refinement.

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1.5 lt. Engine ・ Air Conditioning ・ Smart Key with Start Button ・ 8" Touch Screen Audio System ・ USB Connection ・ Bluetooth ・ Airbags ・ Reverse Camera with guides ・ Reverse Sensors ・ Electronic Parking Brake ・ Grill hidden LED DRL・ LED-lit Cupholders ・ Steering Controls ・ Power Windows & Mirrors ・ Child Seat Anchor ・ 17-inch Alloy Wheels

Ready to help you: the Centraal Sales Team!


Demis Thielman

Sales Associate
T: 739-1974


Lizzette Koolman

Sales Associate
T: 594-4900


Jim Biegstraaten

Sales Associate
T: 733-0134


Jorge Velazquez

Sales Associate
T: 594-2994


Alex Dijkhoff

Sales Associate
T: 592-6075


Adolfo Gonzalez

Sales Associate
T: 563-5074

Johnny Milan

Senior Sales Associate
T: 593-3778

Tony Hartman Kok

Director of Sales
T: 730-3000

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