Hyundai Creta


Hyundai Creta


Hyundai Creta


Fun loving and hard working

Creta rewrites the book for the compact SUV category. The style is seriously sporty, reflecting Creta's impressive driving dynamics and fun-loving personality.

Hyundai Santa Fe

Dare to be different

Modern with a difference: that is the Creta style. With jewel-like lamps, outsized grille and other bold details, Creta dares to be different and push the boundaries of design. From every angle, the all-new Creta radiates supreme confidence, ans is a feeling that is only amplified you start it.
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Style that stands apart

Unique styling, with agressive lines that makes Creta an unique offer in the segment.

Go wherever with ease

Driving dynamics perfectly tuned to produce an outstanding driving experience.

Comfort for everyone

Ample and comfortable interior space, where everyone enjoys the road ahead.

Price just right

The Hyundai quality, styling and performace, at a really good price.

Ambitious style


Aero sculpted

Hyundai Creta radiates agressiveness and sportiness from every perspective.

Light it up

Agressive styling

From the agressive looking headlights to the sharp lines all around, Creta projects its presence on the road with confidence.

Details that matter

Every line says something

The styling's sharp cues are seen all across every part of the Creta.

Shines all around

The back impresses

On the rear portion of Creta, the styling and sharp lines lets everyone know that you are on the road

Your home away from home.


An interior you can enjoy

For a compact SUV, the Hyundai Creta offers a surprisingly comfortable interior space, not only in terms of the seats for driver as well as passngers, but also with the safety and advanced technical features available.

Comfortable chic

Live in it

The Hyundai Creta interior is not only supremely comfortable, but also easy on the eyes.

Tech forward


With advanced features such as the touch screen media center, Creta provides the advenced features you want and deserve.

Ready for anything


The interior space is easy to set up for whichever needs you might have.