Hyundai Elantra


The most unique styling

Escape the usual with some of the most distinctive exterior styling on the road today

Superior Driving Dynamics

Refined driving with outstanding handling dynamics and improved support.

Your mobile fortress of protection

Active and passive safety features to protect you from harm.

The reliability that you already know

The quality you deserve, the durability you need.

Live a bold life

Only the bold can reach to the fullest of possibilities life gives. Only those that dare to step away from convention will be able to become extraordinary.

Elantra is the car to take you there. In complete comfort.

Unique style


The most innovative exterior styling today

The Elantra offers a unique, agressive styling that is completely unique in today's sea of equally styled sedans.

Angular front lines

Totally Unique

There simply isn't a sedan today that can offer such a distinctive, agressive fascia, with angular lines on the grill continuing on the advanced headlight system.

Defined side lines

Refined drama

The dramatic front lines are complemented opn the sides with clear, dramatic accent sidelines.

A lighting strikes

Strong closing statement

A clean back section is dominated with a uniquely dramatic rear light array.

Comfort and exclusivity all around you


The most innovative exterior styling today

The Elantra offers a unique, agressive styling that is completely unique in today's sea of equally styled sedans.

Easy read


Instrument layout is intuitive and easily understandable, to provide the smoothest driving experience.

Tech lives here

Features plenty

Bluetooth. Compatibility for Apple Car Play and Android Auto. Technology provides for a comfortable ride.

A throne for everyone


With comfortable seating for everyone on front and back seats, an Elantra ride is extremely comfortable for everyone.


1.6 liter 4-cylinder Engine • 6-speed Automatic • Airconditioning • Airbags • ABS • LED Daytime Running Lights • Mirror Signal Repeater • 17" Alloy Wheels • Power Windows with Auto Up/Down • Back Warning Sensors • CD Sound System • iPod/USB/Aux Connection • Steering Wheel Audio Controls • Bluetooth • Power Locks • Smart Key & Start Button • Immobilizer Key • Rear Camera

Monthly payment for reference only, based on standard rate. For more information, our Sales Team can provide you with all current financing options available to you

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