Hyundai Grand i10 Sedan


Hyundai Grand i10 Sedan


Hyundai Grand i10 Sedan


The sedan for busy roads

A sedan that provides easier parking in tight spaces at the same time? Check!.

Comfortable interior

Form follows function... and it does it beautifully as well as aerodynamically.

Your own safety fortress

Superior frame construction and safety systems guarantee the protection of everyone inside the Grand i10 Sedan.

Amazing styling

Incredible engine performance, with superior handling.


A sedan for a new generation arrives in the form of the Hyundai Grand i10 Sedan.

With the ideal size for today's busy roads and parking places, the Sedan version of the Hyundai Grand i10 provides the proven quality already well known in Aruba, with a format that is convenient, flexible and sporting an attractive design.

Is also a perfectly safe vehicle, benefitting from the unique expertise of Hyundai's own metalworks... the only automaker that can boast to have its own metal production facility. 

Come check the Hyundai Grand i10 Sedan today at Garage Centraal Aruba!

Dynamic outside


Brilliant exterior

The next step in Hyundai's Fluidic Design philosophy, the Grand i10 Sedan boasts a progressive and refined exterior in a compact format, full of stylish details.

Modern ad progressive front

Smoth, uncluttered lines provide an elegant, premium feel to the Grand i10 Sedan.

Sporty and aerodynamic side view

A sleek and aerodynamic profile leaves an impression on all those that see it.

Distinctive backside

Smooth, uncluttered styling provides a premium feel to the Grand i10 Sedan.

Comfortable inside


Stylish yet spacious

Generous seating space, a surprisingly generous trunk space. The Grand i10 Sedan provides an excellent, safe environment to its occupants.

Esay to operate

Driving the Grand i10 Sedan is comfortable and simple, with simple, easy to read controls.

Convenient and safe

Steering controls, airbags, and many other features dedicated to your safety are there for you.

Convenience awaits

Power windows and locks, Bluetooth, along with many other features provide for a pleasurable ride.

Oh YESSS! Now only Afl. 27,990!

Get your Hyundai Grand i10 Sedan for ONLY Afl. 27,990! An incredible savings of almost Afl. 5,200 over the normal price of Afl. 33,150!

Stock is limited, so COME VISIT US TODAY!


1.2 liter 4-cylinder Engine ・ Fog Lamp ・ Air Conditioning ・ Immobilizer Key ・ Power Locks / Windows ・ Central Door & Tailgate Lock ・ Electric Mirrors ・ High Grade Audio System ・ Folding Type Key & Burglary Alarm ・ Bluetooth ・ Audio Steering Controls ・ Dual Airbags




Monthly payment for reference only, based on 7% interest rate (APR) for a 5 year loan. Your loan amount might vary depending on the financial institution of your choice and/or loan conditions available to you. For more information, please contact our Sales Team or visit our showroom on Sabana Blanco z/n, oranjestad, in order to provide you with all current financing options available.

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