Hyundai Grand i10


Hyundai Grand i10


Hyundai Grand i10


A compact car with a big statement

With a fresh and expressive design, the Hyundai Grand i10 gives you the proper style and flexibility you need to go big. With the Grand i10, It Getz Even Better. #ItGetzEvenBetter
Hyundai Grand i10

Human inspiration

The body of the Grand i10 is inspired by the shape of human muscles clothed in athletic sportswear. It presents the contrast between soft surfaces and sharp lines, while it functionally provides for maximum interior space.
Hyundai Santa Fe family image

Space for Everyone

The most expansive interior space for every passenger for the category.

A bold look

From the wide front grille to the sculpted rear taillights, the Grand i10 look catches your eye in an instant.

Fun friendly

Comfortable interior space for all passengers, and flexible space for whatever you might need to mode.

Ease of mind

The Hyundai superior quality and craftmanship is evident inside and outside the Grand i10.

Beauty in simplicity


Contemporary styling

The Grand i10 proudly displays daring lines on its facade.

Daring front

Distinctive and functional

Striking grille dominating the front fascia.

Details matter

Lights out

Design details are everywhere.

Details, details...

There are everywhere

The rear lights are dsitinctive, and provide a solid visual to complete a stylish setup for the i10 Grand.

Big comfort inside


An amazing interior space for enjoyable moments

The interior of the Hyundai Santa Fe is comfortable for all passengers, an enjoyable experience to those behind the steering wheel,and a great place for everyone to share together.

Your kingdom

Live in it

The car offers a serene and joyful experience to all its occupants.

Everyone, relax


The seating is extremely comfortable, with ample legroom and headroom for everyone.

Ready to serve


The back seats can be reclined, so there is a lot of flexibility on how you use your i10 Grand.


Air Conditioning ・ Folding Type Immobilizer Key ・ Power Steering ・ Central Door lock ・ USB Conection ・ Steering Audio Controls ・ Bluetooth ・ Power Locks / Windows ・ Headrests

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