Isuzu N-Series Truck


Isuzu DNA that works for you

The Isuzu manufacturing has always been centered around reliability, and this foundation is reflected on every Isuzu product, icluding the Isuzu N-Series.

Superior engine performance

The world renowned Isuzu engine prowess delivers a powerful engine with optimum torque, and excellent fuel efficiency.

Visible strength

The styling of ther Isuzu N-Series, with solid lines and bold strokes, communicates strength and confidence.

The Reward Truck, from Isuzu

For 22 years, Isuzu low cab forward trucks have been #1 choice in the United States of America and around the world.

And a big reason for it comes from its durability. An amazing 86% of all Isuzu trucks ever sold in the USA since 1986 are still registered today. And you'll find the same legendary dependability, low cost of operation, unsurpassed handling, panoramic visibility and ease of maintenance in our current line-up. Features like these will enhance the overall efficiency and profitability of your business today and well into the future.

Isuzu now have for Aruba the latest generation of the N-Series truck, with the proven reliable service of Garage Centraal Aruba.


4.8 liter Turbo Diesel Engine • Common Rail Fuel Injection • Power Steering • Airconditioning • Tilt cab • Fatigue reducing seating • Wide field of vision for driver 

Ready to help you: the Centraal Sales Team!


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Sales Associate
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Sales Associate
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Sales Associate
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Sales Associate
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Sales Associate
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Senior Sales Associate
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Director of Sales
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