Hyundai Kona Electric


Hyundai Kona Electric


Hyundai Kona Electric


Move with the vibe

This is modre than a vehicle. Is a gateway to a fuller level of life and adventuire, with a distinctive styling, complete connectivity and unique technology that will allow you to spread your wings and experience your ride and your destination in new ways.
Hyundai Kona Electric

Do more wherever you go

Camping? Remote location? The Hyundai Kona Electric offers a unique capability, in the form of Vehicle-to-Load (V2L), simply put, the Kona's main battery is able to feed a standard 3 prong 120V outlet, which means that if you need to plug a laptop to recharge, for example, your wall plug is, well, your car plug. Power TV's? Radios? Yes to those and more!
Hyundai Kona Electric

Style that create trends

Futuristic styling, with lighting and proportions that mark its presence.

Go with ease

Fast charging capabilities to put you on the road faster.

Command and control

Extensive yet intuitive controls with its two displays, and easy to understand controls layout.

Right for you

Electrical consumption equivalent to half what you spend in fuel for a similar size gasoiline vehicle.

Cool vibes


Go electric. In style

Kona's imposing presence is marked by an unique aerodynamic volume and proportions, dynamic silhouette and the pixel design that nos forms part of every Hyundai electric vehicle.

Radical front lighting design.

Pixel front light design

Sharp lines asserts the Kona presence.

Geometric beauty

Clean and strong lines.

Finishing strong

Chill vibes.


This is a cool spot

The Kona offers a more spacious interior, with more features to give positive energy to your time on the road.

Live in it

The Hyundai Creta interior is not only supremely comfortable, but also easy on the eyes.

Your kingdom at your fingertips


With interior lighting to match your mood and style, your trip will be more comfortable.

Color your world


The interior space is so comfortable your passengers will have a hard time stepping out of the Kona.

Chilling comfort

Charge your way

Charging your Kona Electric in whichever way you prefer.

Fast Charging Stations

The most powerful charging staztions and quickest way to charge your electric vehicle, with multiple locations around our island ready to help you.

AC Wall Charger

These can be found in more locations for your convenience. Even more convenient, these can be installed in your own home for faster charging.

Your wall

Kona can be charged also using the standard wall plug you have at your house, albeit at a slower place than a dedicated charging station.

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Permanent Magnet Electric Motor ・ 39 kWh Battery ・ 300 Km base range ・ Air Conditioning ・ Smart Key with Start Button ・ 8" Touch Screen Audio System ・ Android Auto & Apple CarPlay ・ Bluetooth ・ Airbags ・ Leather Seats ・ Power Front Seats ・ LED Projection Head Lamp ・ LED Rear Lamp ・ Ventilated Front Seats ・ Sunroof ・ Child Seat Anchor ・ Blind Collision Warning ・ Parking Sensors ・ Wireless Charger ・ Rain Sensor ・ 39 kWh Battery ・ 300 Km base range ・ Power Tailgate ・ Alarm ・ 17" Alloy Wheels ・ Vehicle-to-load 120 V outlet


DELUXE SPECIAL PRICE (normal Afl. 87,900)

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