Hyundai IONIQ Electric


Hyundai IONIQ Electric


Hyundai IONIQ Electric


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A better way for all of us

This is more than a vehicle. IONIQ is a rethinking of transportation, to provide a better, more responsible solution to the threat of climate change.

It will provide you with a fully featured, comfortable car. It also provides the environment with no emissions, uses no fuel or motor oil, and in terms of expense in electricity can save you approximately 50% of what a gasoline vehicle of similar size requires to operate.

So IONIQ Electric is not just a nice car, or a cool car. It is an important car. Are you ready to drive the future? Because is waiting for you right now at Garage Centraal Aruba.

Hyundai IONIQ

Clean and simple engineering

Pure electric drive opens the door to a whole new world of simplicity. All-electric mobility means a steep reduction in the number of moving parts the main sources of mechanical noise and vibration.

The IONIQ electric’s electric motor runs whisper quiet but perhaps best of all, it’s inherently simpler, quicker and more reliable than a conventional gas engine while generating absolutely zero emissions. The regenerative braking system captures braking energy that would otherwise be wasted and uses it to top up the battery power reserve. Paddle shifters allow the driver to override the system’s default eco drive setting and to summon full power for quicker performance as the mood or the occasion requires.

years full warranty
years (or 160.000Km) for high-voltage battery warranty
years free service
Hyundai ION IQ Electric systems breakdown

Explaining magic

IONIQ is a top of the line technological showcase of efficient energy management. It uses a massive, Litium-Ion high power battery bank to power a 100 Kw, 295Nm torque electrical engine, magnetic induced and brush free. This system create a frictionless, direct and instantaneous power transfer to the ground, which is far more efficient than a conventional gasoline engine, where 40% of the energy created from the gasoline combustion is spent in heat, and therefore wasted on power to the wheels.

The power level on the battery gets a help from a power regeneration system. As the car decreases speed, the energy of the tire rotation is used as a form of a dynamo by the electric motor, that produces power that is sent back into the battery. It therefore creates a system that not only uses energy on acceleration, but recovers energy on deceleration.

As for recharge, IONIQ Electric have two distinct ports: A High power quick-charge port to be used on specially designed charging stations, and able to recharge the vehicle from 0 to full charge in less than 25 minutes. Alternatively, IONIQ Electric also boasts a Normal Charge Port, which can be used with an adaptor equipped with the IONIQ to plug the vehicle into a standard 3 prong 110V wall plug for recharge.

Aerodynamically gorgeous


Aerodynamic design

A unique combination of futuristic visuals, yet familiar so the transition from gasoline to the next generation of motion is both pleasurable and seamless

Clean design

Functional, not boring

Clean lines, with a strong fron fascia and future-leaning styling all over the vehicle indicates IONQ is simply the best bring to where vehicle technology is going next.

Details, details

Screaming style

IONIQ is full of style cues, from thoughtful chrome accent, to functional elements such as puddle lamps.

Pure aerodynamic

Cutting wind

With a drag coeficient of barely 0.24, IONIQ is as efficient as it is beutiful.