Hyundai Staria


In a class of its own

From the moment you first lay eyes on STARIA, you know it stands in a class of its own. It‘s not imitative or derivative but a truly original creation—the product of inspired design. Inside, you’re greeted by a spacious, wide-open cabin that flourishes with premium touches like the digital gauge cluster and elegant materials that feel so soft to the touch and are always easy on the eyes.
Staria Pax Van

Spacious and Smart

The STARIA (Van) provides everything you need to get the job done efficiently, safely, and in style.
You get loads of room for your cargo and a well-appointed cabin that provides
an oasis of comfort and relaxation for you and your crew.
Staria Van

Unique styling

Utterly modern. The Staria is unlike any van on the road today!

Versatility with the best interior space

The driver is in total control of the vehicle, and the interior space is perfect for any need of perople moving or cargo moving.

Choose reliability

Staria offers the renowned reliability that has made Hyundai one of the most beloved brands by Aruban customers.

Space... SPAAACE!


The feeling of space as never before

The interior of the Staria provides a unique feeling of airiness and spaciousness to all its passengers.

Space-age styling? Check.

Space-age style

Enormous windows provides unparalelled feeling of space

Huge windows

Comfortable, advanced steering controls makes handling Staria unbelievably easy.

Advanced, intuitive driving

Delivering greatness


Your business deserves this

With solid Hyundai quality, and excellent cargo capabilities and features, the Staria Panel Van offers an excellent option for Aruban business.

Your business deserves to look good.

An exterior your company logo would look great in

Multiple options for access

3 doors for easy cargo access

Easily readable controls and great driving position.

Driving cargo around is simple and intuitive.