Huge cargo area

Not only is tall enough to walk upright inside of it. Is the length of a vehicle. That is expansive!.

Great styling

Imposing and strong styling to represent your business.

Reliability you deserve

Because your company cannot stop moving, Crafter has been built with reliability as top value.


The brand new Crafter offers a superior, cost-efficient solution to transportation for your company, with extensive cargo space and top level performance and relaibility. And the current edition, apart of high ceiling for comfortable inside access, is long enough that it would fit a sedan inside of it. So haul all the cargo you need and handle it properly. That is the bigger version of cargo mobility that Crafter promises!

Volkswagen Crafter


Airconditioning with dust and pollen filter • Rear wheel drive • Airbags • Electronic Stability Control • Partition with window • Heat Insulating Glass • Power Steering • Closed rear wing doors with 270° opening angle • Electric mirrors with turn signal • Halogen headlamps with clear glass

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