Hyundai Loaders & Excavators



Absolute performance and reliability to tacke the most demanding tasks.


The widest array of configurations to suit your specific needs


Solid and reliable backup of service and parts from Garage Centraal Aruba

Skid Steer Loader

We offer airconditioned units, so work is more comfortable and efficient. 

Wheel Loader

These Hyundai Wheel Loaders boast high performance mechanics, suited for the most demanding work conditions, while at the same time maintaining optimum maintenance capabilities, ideal for working on tough terrains and large projects.

Crawler Excavator

The experience of a crawler excavator from Hyundai is simply unequaled, from the reliability of its systems, to its easy operaton in a 360-degree cabin visibility, to the strength and absolute productivity it brings to the construction site.

Backhoe loader

Innovations in hydraulics provide the C-Series with intuitive and quick control, with strong design perfectly suited for demanding work environments, where its rigid frame is at home.

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Director of Sales
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About Garage Centraal

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