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Leapmotor Unveils C10 and Global Strategy

On September 4, Leapmotor marked its presence at the IAA MOBILITY 2023, commonly known as the Munich Motor Show, with a global press conference themed “LEAP TOGETHER: Shaping a Shared Technological Future.” The conference highlighted the company’s all-inclusive, in-house development framework, known as LEAP 3.0 architecture, and introduced its new global vehicle model, the C10.

Why It Matters

Leapmotor’s CEO, Zhu Jiangming, emphasized that the company’s global strategy will involve a commitment to international standards for both products and technology. Leapmotor’s globalization aims to extend intelligent mobility experiences to automotive consumers worldwide. This is especially significant as the electric vehicle market continues to gain momentum on a global scale.

Key Points

  • LEAP 3.0 Architecture: Incorporates cutting-edge technologies like CTC 2.0 (Cell-to-Chasis), oil-cooling electric drives, and an intelligent cockpit powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8295 chip.
  • Global Product C10: This vehicle serves as Leapmotor’s first global product based on LEAP 3.0 and will be followed by five more globally oriented products within the next two years.
  • Technological Partnerships: Leapmotor collaborates with leading names in the mobility ecosystem, including NVIDIA, ZF, Qualcomm, Bosch, and NXP, to provide an integrated smart mobility experience.
  • Openness and Collaboration: Leapmotor’s strategy involves open collaboration and co-creation to accelerate the proliferation of intelligent electric vehicles worldwide.

Bottom Line

Leapmotor’s participation in the Munich Motor Show serves as the official launchpad for its global strategy, backed by eight years of comprehensive in-house development. The debut of the C10 vehicle and the LEAP 3.0 architecture indicates Leapmotor’s commitment to setting global standards in intelligent electric vehicle technology. By forging strategic partnerships and focusing on continual innovation, Leapmotor aims to be an automaker and a comprehensive provider of intelligent electric vehicle solutions.

Source: The EV Report

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