New Flagship Hyundai Palisade SUV Set to Debut at 2018 LA Auto Show

Hyundai is planning on revealing its new flagship three-row SUV on Nov. 28 at the upcoming L.A. Auto Show, according to a recent press release. The SUV will be called the Palisade in reference to the imposing Pacific Palisades portion of California's Sierra Nevada mountain range. 

“The future Palisade SUV will convey a bold exterior that commands attention and has strong inherent imagery of safety and security, especially important with parents with growing families and active lifestyles,” according to Hyundai. The full exterior has not yet been revealed but the teaser image provided in this article provides a small look at the tailgate and its shape.

Hyundai has not released any information about what platform this vehicle will ride on or if there will be an upscale Genesis version as well. Hyundai's luxury spin-off brand has struggled for sales lately as buyers transition from sedans into crossovers. Genesis does not currently offer any SUVs, but the Palisade base could potentially change that if Hyundai chooses to go in that direction.

In the crossover and SUV categories, Hyundai currently offers the Kona, Tucson, Santa Fe, and Santa Fe XL. The Santa Fe XL is currently the largest model offered by Hyundai and comes in either six or seven-passenger versions.

Hyundai says the Palisade will go on sale in the States in the summer of 2019. Pricing and trim levels have yet to be announced. The Drive reached out to Hyundai for comment and further details and will update this article as information becomes available. 

The L.A. Auto Show has press days with numerous reveals and major announcements that will run from Nov. 26-29 before the show opens to the public on Nov. 30.

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