Volkswagen Caddy


Compact size

Compact exterior to get anywhere you need. Expansive cargo space to haul whatever you need.

Clean styling

Clean, simple lines that will provide the image your business needs and deserves.


Comfortable and practical interior, for a more efficient purpose!

Big in every way

As a professional, your business requires uncompromising quality, reliability and durability. Now Aruba have finally a commercial transport vehicle on a size perfectly appropriate to our local market: The Caddy.

The perfect size for small, compact roads and tight deliveries on urban areas, the Caddy provides a uniquely versatile and and robust platform. Because whenever your business requires you to move, you can be sure that the Caddy is the perfect vehicle for your needs.



1.6 liter 101hp Manual Transmission • Airbag driver• Powersteering • Mp3 radio • Protection Wall Inside ABS • ESP (electronic stability program) • Fuel consumption: 6.5L/100Km. • 750 Kg., 3.2 m3 payload



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