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The widest assortment of preowned vehicles. All brands, all styles.

Mechanically checked

Our preowned units are checked for any mechanical issues, so you have a better idea what you are buying.

Backed by warranty

For your peace of mind, our preowned vehicles are backed by a warranty of up to three months, based on the price of the vehicle.

Financing available

Yes! It is possible to get the car you want via financing, so what are you waiting?
Garage Centraal Aruba now proudly offers its Centraal Certified. Under this porgram, selected Hyundai and Isuzu preowned vehicles will be supported with a 3 month, bumper-to-bumper warranty.

Certified is part of our commitment to provide you with the ease of mind you need and deserve when buying a preowned vehicle. Is the same reason why all our preowned vehicles are mechanically checked, and why our general preowned vehicles are backed up by up to a 2 months warranty.

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About Garage Centraal

The goal of Garage Centraal Aruba is simple: that everyone that needs a vehicle is able to have a vehicle that satisfies their needs and expectations, with expert service and parts support.

That is why we offer brand new, award winning vehicles from the renowned Hyundai brand, as well as Isuzu pickups and trucks. We also offer an extensive catalog of commercial vehicles from Hyundai as well as Hyundai Construction.