Hyundai Santa Fe


7 Seats for Everyone

With 7 Seats capacity, everyone can comfortably go with you in a Hyundai Santa Fe.

Powerful styling

Powerful stance from the front grill, with solid and confident styling all the way to the back.

Bright concept

A perfect blrend of SUV and sedan attibutes

Drive your way

Set your driving dynamics as normal, comfort or sport... with Santa Fe, you choose how to experience the road ahead!

Inspire yourself

This is more than an SUV: its aggressive stance compels you to get on the road. The precise handling that makes you understand that you can own the asphalt, to the point that you can adjust the driving dynamics between normal driving, comfort and sport. You choose how your car responds to you.

The Santa Fe is a vehicle that delivers drama and aggressive style like no other. And why not? You are not meant to go around quietly.
And you are meant to be carried around in comfort. Santa Fe delivers a spacious interior with ergonomically designed controls and all the convenience you deserve, with the flexibility that is the hallmark of the Santa Fe.


2.4 lt. 4 Cylinder 6-speed Automatic • 7-Seat Capacity • Bluetooth with Voice Command • Back Warning System • Electric Folding Mirrors • Solar Glass • Independent Rear Airconditioning • Dual Airconditioning • 19’ Alloy Wheels • ABS

GLS Diesel version: 2.2 lt. 4 Cylinder CRDi, includes: Start Button • Electronic Strability Program (ESP) • Solar Glass






Leather Interior • Power Seat • Panorama Roof • Backup Camera • Start Button (Gasoline version)





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