Commercial Vehicles


Your company must keep building itself... That's where we come in!

Every business have a distinct requirement for its operations. Many will incorporate regular passenger vehicles into their fleets. But many others, from distribution outfits to large construction companies, require specific gear that allows them to complete their tasks.

The commercial equipment available from Garage Centraal Aruba aims squarely to provide every solution that retailers, manufacturers and construction outfits require. From the ubiquitous Hyundai H1 Van series to the largest excavators, we provide superior quality products from Hyundai and Isuzu to our customers, with the support of parts and serice to keeps these units working at full capability for as long as our customers need and require.

Below is an overview of the products we have available. Naturally, within the trucks available we can provide totally customized solutions. Whatever your business needs to keep moving and grtowing, we are ready to help you!

People Movers

Hyundai H1 Pax Van

Hyundai County Bus

Terrior UTV

Cargo Movers

Isuzu D-Max

Hyundai H1 Panel Van

Hyundai H100

Hyundai HD Trucks

Isuzu N-Series Trucks

Isuzu F-Series Trucks

Heavy Equipment

Hyundai Forklifts

Hyundai Reach Trucks

Loaders & Excavators

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About Garage Centraal

The goal of Garage Centraal Aruba is simple: that everyone that needs a vehicle is able to have a vehicle that satisfies their needs and expectations, with expert service and parts support.

That is why we offer brand new, award winning vehicles from the renowned Hyundai brand, as well as Isuzu pickups and trucks. We also offer an extensive catalog of commercial vehicles from Hyundai as well as Hyundai Construction.